Customer Service Solutions that respond to your subscriber's needs...

We offer a streamlined and efficient platform that will address all of your inbound requirements for subscriber's telephone calls, mobile web self-service, as well as automated outbound communication campaigns for customer service.


Inbound Telephone Self-Service

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CHATTERBOX Cloud IVR (Interactive Voice Response) will efficiently processes the high-volume calls leaving the more difficult, information-specific calls for live agents. 

Each CHATTERBOX IVR installation is customized to your specifications and voice prompts are professionally recorded so that all calls flow quickly and painlessly for your subscribers.

It’s easy to do a vacation stop, delivery complaint, re-start, account inquiry, payment or even a conversion to Easy-Pay.

CHATTERBOX will also let you determine demographic based call flows so that certain callers can receive special messaging or be offered custom transactions based on your criteria.


Text and Mobile Self Service


CHATTERBOX Mobile is a cross platform, mobile web app that will work on any device.  The self-service portal will automatically format to the subscriber’s preferred device and will integrate seamlessly into your existing newspaper website or even your news reader app for an enhanced customer experience.


SMS/Text Messaging: Subscribers can initiate and complete transactions, including a circulation host update, using standard text messages.  Our SMS engine will interact with the subscriber allowing them to enter a vacation, make a complaint, inquire about their account or even make a payment.


Let your subscriber's choose how they want to interact and complete their self-service transactions.

OBN - Telephone & Email

Outbound Service Notifications

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CHATTERBOX OBN & eOBN (OutBound Notification) makes automated telephone calls, as well as send emails, for customer service related messaging to your subscriber base. 


Use our professionally recorded messages or create your own messages “on the fly”. OBN can ask a question of a “live” recipient and note their response to a report or even update your circulation system while offering different messaging when being answered by a machine.

Typical OBN Campaigns include:

  • New Start Verification

  • Re-Delivery Verification

  • Credit Card Declined

  • Credit Card Information Update

  • TMC Verification

  • etc...