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Located in Montreal, Innovative Systems Design (ISD) has been providing self-service solutions to the newspaper industry since 1987.  We invented the first Circulation Interactive Voice Response system at a newspaper that is still our customer today.  


Our design and development teams have an in-depth understanding of the newspaper industry and know the "ins and outs" of your business right from the start.  We are also newspaper people, we understand call centers, press runs, zoned-delivery, draw schedules, carriers, newspaper marketing, NIE programs, and the delicate balance necessary for keeping your subscribers happy. We also understand how unique every newspaper is and the importance of every subscriber.  We've been there before, several hundred times in fact although we learn something new with each and every new customer we get.



We are evolving as our customer's needs change.

While our roots date back to the era of hand wiring cards to integrate legacy telephone equipment with mini and main-frame computers we continue to push the boundaries of technology.  First and foremost we are a development company with a first to market mindset that has shaped our company as well as our industry.

ISD offers a fully hosted and PCI-DSS Compliant cloud platform that integrates telephony and high capacity self-service for telephones, web, mobile and text.  

Our state of the art data centers process tens of millions of transactions every year and our partnership with Amazon and the AWS environment provides us with even more processing power and access to the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology.

Don't just take our word for it.

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