CHATTERBOX is the most cost-effective platform for subscriber self-service. Combining Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Mobile, Web & SMS, CHATTERBOX serves hundreds of newspapers who choose to save money; confident that their subscribers are experiencing the very best in customer self-service.

Newspaper Subscriber


Server Installation

Cloud (SaaS) Platform

A completely load balanced and geographically redundant Subscriber Self-Service Automation platform developed specifically for newspapers.  


Our SaaS platform bundles the telephony component with a fully integrated & proven, state of the art IVR, Outbound Calling and Email Platform, Transactional Web Services, Mobile Applications, Dispatch Paging, Carrier and Distributor tools. 

PCI-DSS Compliant

Completely PCI-DSS Compliant credit card workflow for IVR.


A locked down and fully redundant SaaS solution with real-time backup and fail-over in a segregated environment that securely interfaces with the industry's leading tokenization providers. 

Mobile & SMS

Modern print subscribers don’t necessarily want to place a telephone call for customer service so why force them? 

ISD offers mobile web apps as well as SMS and Facebook Messenger integration so that subscribers can initiate and complete transactions, including a circulation host update, using text or your social media page.

Inbound IVR Self-Service

Mobile and Web Self-Service

SMS/Text and Artificial Intelligence

Our Commitment To You...

ISD invented newspaper IVR in 1987 and we continue to develop new solutions exclusively for this market. We're ready to share our experiences with you and to listen and learn from the experts - our customers.